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Why choose us to alleviate your payroll burden?  

  • We put ourselves in your shoes. 
  • We give clients our personal cell phone numbers. 
  • You speak with us directly, not a contracted service. 
  • You can call us ANY time.
  • If something is a priority to you, it is a priority to us.
  • We aim for long-term relationships; we won’t sell something that you don’t need or want.
  • The only limitations that we give to clients are those that are imposed on us (such as banking and shipping limitations).
  • We will work all hours of the night if necessary.
  • No payroll is too complicated! We excel in payroll administration of multi-state, traveling workforce with revolving crews.

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"By using Class Codes' payroll and HR services, they now act as my strategic back office, giving my company the tools, resources, and human capital of a large corporation."

Payroll Services & Tax Administration  

  • Payroll processing and delivery  
  • All tax reporting and year-end W-2’s 
  • Deposit federal withholding tax liabilities 
  • Deposit state unemployed taxes
  • Deposit federal unemployment taxes
  • Process tax liens
  • Comprehensive payroll deductions
  • Assist in properly classifying employees for FLSA
  • Eliminate IRS payroll tax audits
  • Process all audits and garnishments
  • Respond to employment and wage verifications
  • Direct deposit for paychecks - Direct debit for payment
  • Provide detailed payroll reports  

Mike Smith - Vice President

“Our goal is to develop long-term relationships as a result of solving problems and creating solutions.”

Human Resource Management  

  • Administer pre-employment screening 
  • Maintain employment and medical records
  • Handle unemployment claims
  • Administer COBRA, EEOC, I-9, and other
  • Governmental regulations
  • Provide assistance for wrongful termination claims
  • Assist in the event of federal wage and hour claims
  • Track vacation and sick time
  • Employee handbooks