Wisconsin Workers Compensation Class Codes

Wisconsin Workers Compensation Classification CodesLooking for a list of Wisconsin workers compensation class codes? Wisconsin is not under the jurisdiction of the NCCI classification system.

If you have a classification question or believe you have been incorrectly classified, please see The Employer’s Workers Compensation Classification Guide.

As an “independent” WC state, the Wisconsin Rating Bureau (WCRB) determines classification codes, premiums, experience modifiers, and workers comp rates.

NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) does collect policy data for the purpose of calculating experience modifiers for employers doing business in other states.

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You can use the search bar above to find Wisconsin workers’ compensation codes. If you know the numeric code you are looking for, you can type it in, and the page for that code will be in the search results. If you do not know the numeric code that you are looking for, try searching “Workers compensation code [Keyword for the industry].” That search query will yield results for any workers compensation codes of which the keyword is included in the phraseology of the class code.

Work Comp Classification: State-by-Sate Guide

Looking for an index of workers compensation codes for a state other than Wisconsin? Use our state-by-state map below! Click on a state to view the correlating list of workers compensation class codes.

About the Wisconsin Rating Bureau (WCRB)

  • WCRB is an unincorporated & independent rate service association created by Wisconsin statute.
  • WCRB is responsible for the classification, rates and rating plans used by all employers in the state of Wisconsin.
  • WCRB regulates workers compensation policy forms and endorsements, as well as the collection and analysis of all statistical data necessary for calculating and distributing experience modifiers for local state businesses.
  • The Wisconsin Rating Bureau also manages the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Insurance Pool.
  • While the WCRB is not a state agency, they are regulated by the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI). The Wisconsin Rating Bureau also works very closely with the Worker’s Compensation Division of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD).
  • WCRB assists DWD in its enforcement activities. By law, the WCRB receives required information on every worker’s compensation policy issued to every employer with operations in Wisconsin and every termination thereof, and electronically transmits this information to the Worker’s Compensation Division.
  • The WCRB is an unincorporated association of insurers who, by law, must be members of the WCRB.

You can view this list as published online by WCRB in alphabetical order at: www.wcrb.org/Class_descrip_phrase_order.pdf, or in numerical order at: www.wcrb.org/Class_descrip.pdf.

Disclaimer for this WI Workers Compensation Code List

These Classification Codes and Phraseology are NCCI Copyrighted materials, used with permission of NCCI © Copyright 1986-2018, National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. This is a representative list of NCCI Classification Codes and Phraseology which may be used for reference purposes only and may or may not be current. This list should not be relied on by any end users as current information, with current Classification Codes and Phraseology obtainable directly from NCCI. NCCI shall have no liability to any end user for the use or inability to use the Classification List and Phraseology provided on this website.

List of Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Class Codes

This page contains an exhaustive Wisconsin workers compensation code list, utilizing paginated tabs. Tab 0 contains the (Four digit) WI workers compensation codes that begin with “0,” Tab 1 contains WI workers compensation codes that begin with “1,” tab 2 contains WI workers compensation codes that begin with “2,” and so forth. On mobile devices, tabs are shown on the bottom of the page.

0005 Bedding plant growers & drivers (applies only to plants not contemplated by 0035)
0005 Christmas tree planting, cultivating and harvesting–& drivers
0005 Farm–nursery employees & drivers (includes incidental landscape gardening)
0005 Farm product–Christmas trees–& drivers
0005 Farm product–holly–& drivers
0005 Farm product–nursery, trees & shrubs–& drivers
0005 Farm product–trees–& drivers
0005 Shrub cultivation–& drivers
0005 Sod dealer–no farming–& drivers
0005 Tree planting for reforestation–& drivers
0006 Farm–dairy & drivers (WI)
0008 Farm–gardening–market or truck–& drivers
0008 Farm product–asparagus–& drivers
0008 Farm product–beans, green–& drivers
0008 Farm product–beets, table–& drivers
0008 Farm product–broccoli–& drivers
0008 Farm product–brussels sprouts–& drivers
0008 Farm product–cabbage–& drivers
0008 Farm product–carrots–& drivers
0008 Farm product–cauliflower–& drivers
0008 Farm product–celery–& drivers
0008 Farm product–cucumbers–& drivers
0008 Farm product–horseradish–& drivers
0008 Farm product–kale–& drivers
0008 Farm product–lettuce–& drivers
0008 Farm product–onions, green–& drivers
0008 Farm product–parsnips–& drivers
0008 Farm product–peppers–& drivers
0008 Farm product–radishes–& drivers
0008 Farm product–rhubarb–& drivers
0008 Farm product–rutabagas–& drivers
0008 Farm product–spinach–& drivers
0008 Farm product–sweet corn–& drivers
0008 Farm product–taro–& drivers
0008 Farm product–tomatoes–& drivers
0008 Farm product–turnips–& drivers
0008 Farm–vegetable–& drivers
0008 Vegetable growing
0016 Farm–orchard or grove & drivers
0016 Farm product–apples–& drivers
0016 Farm product–apricots–& drivers
0016 Farm product–bananas–& drivers
0016 Farm product–black walnuts–& drivers
0016 Farm product–cherries–& drivers
0016 Farm product–coffee–& drivers
0016 Farm product–English walnuts–& drivers
0016 Farm product–figs–& drivers
0016 Farm product–filberts–& drivers
0016 Farm product–macadamia nuts–& drivers
0016 Farm product–nectarines–& drivers
0016 Farm product–nuts (black walnut, English walnut, filbert, etc.–tree growing)–& drivers
0016 Farm product–orchards–& drivers
0016 Farm product–papaya–& drivers
0016 Farm product–peaches–& drivers
0016 Farm product–pears–& drivers
0016 Farm product–plums–& drivers
0016 Farm product–prunes–& drivers
0016 Farm product–walnuts–& drivers
0016 Fruit farm–& drivers
0016 Nut farm–& drivers
0016 Turpentine farm & drivers
0034 Bee raising–& drivers
0034 Chicken catchers–& drivers
0034 Cricket raising–& drivers
0034 Egg or poultry producer–& drivers
0034 Farm–apiary–& drivers
0034 Farm–egg or poultry producer & drivers
0034 Farm–poultry or egg producers & drivers
0034 Farm product–chickens–& drivers
0034 Farm product–eggs–& drivers
0034 Farm product–ostriches–& drivers
0034 Farm product–poultry–& drivers
0034 Farm product–turkeys–& drivers
0034 Hatchery–bird–& drivers
0034 Insect raising–& drivers
0034 Ostrich farms–& drivers
0034 Worm raising–& drivers
0034 Honey processing
0035 Algae farming–& drivers
0035 Bedding plant growers & drivers
0035 Blanket or wreath mfg.–evergreen–& drivers
0035 Farm–florist & drivers
0035 Farm product–bulbs, flowers–& drivers
0035 Farm product–flowers, field growing–& drivers
0035 Florist–farm–& drivers
0035 Mushroom raising–& drivers
0035 Wreath or blanket mfg.–evergreen–& drivers
0036 Dairy farm operation–& drivers
0036 Farm–dairy & drivers
0036 Farm product–dairy–& drivers
0037 Corn detasselling–& drivers
0037 Cotton picking–& drivers
0037 Farm–field crops & drivers
0037 Farm–NOC & drivers
0037 Farm product–alfalfa–& drivers
0037 Farm product–barley–& drivers
0037 Farm product–beans, dry–& drivers
0037 Farm product–beets, sugar–& drivers
0037 Farm product–cantaloupes–& drivers
0037 Farm product–clover–& drivers
0037 Farm product–corn–& drivers
0037 Farm product–dill–& drivers
0037 Farm product–garlic–& drivers
0037 Farm product–grain–& drivers
0037 Farm product–grass seed–& drivers
0037 Farm product–hay–& drivers
0037 Farm product–melons–& drivers
0037 Farm product–millet–& drivers
0037 Farm product–mint–& drivers
0037 Farm product–mustard–& drivers
0037 Farm product–oats–& drivers
0037 Farm product–onions, dry–& drivers
0037 Farm product–peanuts–& drivers
0037 Farm product–peas, dry–& drivers
0037 Farm product–peas, green–& drivers
0037 Farm product–peppermint–& drivers
0037 Farm product–pineapples–& drivers
0037 Farm product–potatoes–& drivers
0037 Farm product–pumpkins–& drivers
0037 Farm product–rice–& drivers
0037 Farm product–rye–& drivers
0037 Farm product–squash–& drivers
0037 Farm product–sugar beets–& drivers
0037 Farm product–sugarcane–& drivers
0037 Farm product–timothy–& drivers
0037 Farm product–tobacco–& drivers
0037 Farm product–watermelons–& drivers
0037 Farm product–wheat–& drivers
0037 Grazing land maintenance–& drivers
0037 Moss gathering–& drivers
0037 Peppermint distillation by farmers–& drivers
0037 Sod farming–& drivers
0037 Spice growing–& drivers
0037 Tobacco farms–& drivers
0042 Artificial turf–installation only–& drivers
0042 Landscape gardening & drivers
0042 Road or street sodding or beautification work–& drivers
0042 Street or road construction– beautification work–& drivers
0042 Street or road sodding or beautification work–& drivers
0050 Anhydrous ammonia–application to soil by contractors & drivers
0050 Brush or weed control by spraying–existing right-of-way–& drivers
0050 Corn shelling–portable–& drivers
0050 Farm machinery operation–by contractor–& drivers
0050 Feed mfg.–portable–& drivers
0050 Fertilizer application–specialist contractor–& drivers
0050 Hay baling & drivers
0050 Insect control–crops, spraying from ground by specialist contractor–& drivers
0050 Weed control–spraying from ground by specialist contractor–& drivers
0079 Cranberry grower–all operations & drivers (WI)
0079 Cranberry growers
0079 Farm–berry or vineyard–& drivers
0079 Farm product–berries–& drivers
0079 Farm product–cranberries–& drivers
0079 Farm product–currants–& drivers
0079 Farm product–grapes–& drivers
0079 Farm product–hops–& drivers
0079 Farm product–kiwi–& drivers
0079 Farm product–strawberries–& drivers
0079 Farm product–vineyards–& drivers
0079 Farm–vineyard or berry–& drivers
0083 Artificial insemination of cattle–all other employees & drivers
0083 Dude ranches–cattle ranches & drivers
0083 Farm–cattle or livestock raising NOC & drivers
0083 Farm–goat or sheep raising & drivers
0083 Farm–livestock or cattle raising NOC & drivers
0083 Farm product–cattle–& drivers
0083 Farm product–goats–& drivers
0083 Farm product–hogs–& drivers
0083 Farm product–horses–& drivers
0083 Farm product–sheep–& drivers
0083 Farm–sheep or goat raising & drivers
0106 Christmas tree harvesting exclusively–& drivers
0106 Stump removal operations–by specialist contractors & drivers
0106 Tree pruning and removal–all operations & drivers–natural catastrophe
0106 Tree pruning, spraying, repairing–all operations & drivers
0106 Tree pruning, trimming, or spraying–all operations & drivers for existing right-of-way–electric, power, telephone, burglar, or fire alarm lines
0108 County forestry horticultural operations–all operations & drivers (WI)
0113 Farm–fish hatchery & drivers
0113 Farm product–fish hatcheries–& drivers
0113 Fish hatcheries–& drivers
0170 Alligator farms–& drivers
0170 Chinchilla raising–& drivers
0170 Farm–animal raising (fur bearing) & drivers
0170 Farm product–animals–fur bearing–& drivers
0170 Fox raising–& drivers
0170 Fur bearing animals–& drivers, raising of
0170 Laboratory animals–breeding or care–& drivers
0170 Mink raising–& drivers
0251 Ditch cleaning–irrigation–& drivers
0251 Irrigation or drainage system or canal maintenance–& drivers
0251 Irrigation works operation & drivers
0400 Cotton compressing & drivers
0401 Cotton gin operation & local managers, drivers
0401 Decortication–fibrous plants–& drivers
0908 Domestic workers–residences– part-time
0913 Domestic workers–residences– full-time
0917 Residential cleaning services by contractor–inside


Top 10 Wisconsin Workers Compensation Companies By Premiums Written

Need a Wisconsin workers compensation quote? Below is a list of the top 10 workers compensation insurance providers in the state of Wisconsin by premiums written.

Company Name Premiums Written Premiums Earned Loss Ratio Loss & Cost Containment Ratio Market Share Cumulative Market Share
TRAVELERS GRP 200,279 193,929 65.85% 75.71% 11.10% 11.10%
WEST BEND MUT INS CO 145,896 140,941 51.85% 53.46% 8.09% 19.19%
SENTRY INS GRP 129,733 125,500 79.52% 85.07% 7.19% 26.39%
ACUITY A MUT INS CO 95,833 96,034 57.19% 60.07% 5.31% 31.70%
BCBS OF MI GRP 89,733 95,260 76.62% 83.58% 4.98% 36.68%
LIBERTY MUT GRP 79,786 63,881 109.90% 120.06% 4.42% 41.10%
AMERICAN INTL GRP 78,777 79,520 66.55% 71.00% 4.37% 45.47%
SOCIETY INS 75,448 73,491 51.20% 55.95% 4.18% 49.65%
ZURICH INS GRP 72,881 69,830 72.31% 80.69% 4.04% 53.69%
ACE LTD GRP 69,011 66,361 69.23% 67.53% 3.83% 57.52%
**STATE TOTAL** 1,803,581 1,758,946 65.39% 70.57% 100.00% 100.00%

Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Wisconsin Premium Rate Ranking

The state of Wisconsin has the 12th highest workers’ compensation premiums rates, according to the Oregon premium rate ranking study. They have moved up 11 positions from their previous rate ranking, which was 23rd. Workers’ compensation premiums in Wisconsin cost 112% of the national median.

Wisconsin Workers Compensation Premium Rate Ranking

Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Rates by Class Code

The estimated Wisconsin workers’ compensation rates by class code below are part of the Oregon workers’ compensation premium rate ranking study. You can view their study by clicking on the images below.

Wisconsin Workers Compensation Rates: 0005 0016 0037

Wisconsin Workers Compensation Rates: 0005 0016 0037


Wisconsin Workers Compensation Class Codes