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To use the NAICS code lookup, enter the NAICS code or key phrase into the search box below, and click “submit”. You can also view our NAICS code list.

The NAICS code search includes industry classifications created by the “North American Industry Classification System”. These codes are used by businesses and government authorites to differentiate types of business according to their process of production. Applicable territories include the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Results from the NAICS code search include a unique page designated for each NAICS classification. Each of these pages contain the following information:

  • A six digit NAICS code and general index title.NAICS Code Search Lookup
  • Definition of operations including in the scope of business activity for that particular code.
  • Illustrative examples of applicable companies that are — and should be — classified with the designated code.
  • Cross reference guide for applicable NAICS codes and index listings by the year each list was produced — includes 2002 NAICS, 2007 NAICS, and 2012 NAICS (2017 NAICS coming soon).
  • Insurance cross reference guide — showing the suggested classification codes for other types of insurance for companies classified within the designated NAICS code.

Downloadable Files for NAICS Code Lookup

Use the downloadable files below to assist in your search for NAICS codes.

2012 Downloadable Files

2007 Downloadable Files

2002 Downloadable Files

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