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About the NAICS Code List

NAICS is the standard classification system used by Federal agencies. NAICS serves to classify businesses, to analyze and publish US economic data.2017 NAICS Code List Excel

The NAICS codes come in the form of 2-6 digit codes. The two digit codes being broad in description. Digits 3-6 become more specific as digits increase. The digit long code being the most specific.

This page contains the 6 Digit NAICS code list. For the other more broad digits, you can find those lists by clicking the bulleted links below.

The NAICS codes come in the form of 2-6 digit codes. The two digit codes being broad in description, becoming more specific as digits increase, 6 being the most specific.

This page contains the 6 Digit NAICS code list. For the other more broad digits, you can find those lists by clicking the bulleted links below.

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This page contains an exhaustive 6 digit NAICS code list, utilizing paginated tabs. Tab 1 contains NAICS codes that begin with “1,” Tab 2 contains NAICS codes that begin with “2,” and so forth. On mobile devices, tabs are shown on the bottom of the page.

Six-Digit NAICS Codes Begining with “1”

1) NAICS 111110 Soybean Farming

2) NAICS 111120 Oilseed (except Soybean) Farming

3) NAICS 111130 Dry Pea and Bean Farming

4) NAICS 111140 Wheat Farming

5) NAICS 111150 Corn Farming

6) NAICS 111160 Rice Farming

7) NAICS 111191 Oilseed and Grain Combination Farming

8) NAICS 111199 All Other Grain Farming

9) NAICS 111211 Potato Farming

10) NAICS 111219 Other Vegetable (except Potato) and Melon Farming

11) NAICS 111310 Orange Groves

12) NAICS 111320 Citrus (except Orange) Groves

13) NAICS 111331 Apple Orchards

14) NAICS 111332 Grape Vineyards

15) NAICS 111333 Strawberry Farming

16) NAICS 111334 Berry (except Strawberry) Farming

17) NAICS 111335 Tree Nut Farming

18) NAICS 111336 Fruit and Tree Nut Combination Farming

19) NAICS 111339 Other Noncitrus Fruit Farming

20) NAICS 111411 Mushroom Production

21) NAICS 111419 Other Food Crops Grown Under Cover

22) NAICS 111421 Nursery and Tree Production

23) NAICS 111422 Floriculture Production

24) NAICS 111910 Tobacco Farming

25) NAICS 111920 Cotton Farming

26) NAICS 111930 Sugarcane Farming

27) NAICS 111940 Hay Farming

28) NAICS 111991 Sugar Beet Farming

29) NAICS 111992 Peanut Farming

30) NAICS 111998 All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming

31) NAICS 112111 Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming

32) NAICS 112112 Cattle Feedlots

33) NAICS 112120 Dairy Cattle and Milk Production

34) NAICS 112130 Dual-Purpose Cattle Ranching and Farming

35) NAICS 112210 Hog and Pig Farming

36) NAICS 112310 Chicken Egg Production

37) NAICS 112320 Broilers and Other Meat Type Chicken Production

38) NAICS 112330 Turkey Production

39) NAICS 112340 Poultry Hatcheries

40) NAICS 112390 Other Poultry Production

41) NAICS 112410 Sheep Farming

42) NAICS 112420 Goat Farming

43) NAICS 112511 Finfish Farming and Fish Hatcheries

44) NAICS 112512 Shellfish Farming

45) NAICS 112519 Other Aquaculture

46) NAICS 112910 Apiculture

47) NAICS 112920 Horses and Other Equine Production

48) NAICS 112930 Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit Production

49) NAICS 112990 All Other Animal Production

50) NAICS 113110 Timber Tract Operations

51) NAICS 113210 Forest Nurseries and Gathering of Forest Products

52) NAICS 113310 Logging

53) NAICS 114111 Finfish Fishing

54) NAICS 114112 Shellfish Fishing

55) NAICS 114119 Other Marine Fishing

56) NAICS 114210 Hunting and Trapping

57) NAICS 115111 Cotton Ginning

58) NAICS 115112 Soil Preparation, Planting, and Cultivating

59) NAICS 115113 Crop Harvesting, Primarily by Machine

60) NAICS 115114 Postharvest Crop Activities (except Cotton Ginning)

61) NAICS 115115 Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders

62) NAICS 115116 Farm Management Services

63) NAICS 115210 Support Activities for Animal Production

64) NAICS 115310 Support Activities for Forestry

What is the North American Industry Classification System?

The United States, Mexico, and Canada developed NAICS in conjunction. The release of NAICS reflected changes to the economy that the SIC could not regard. The update focused on emerging economic activities.

NAICS uses a production-oriented classification system to group establishments into industries.

NAICS classifies establishments into similar industries based on:
  • 1) Similar raw material
  • 2) Similar capital equipment
  • 3) Similar labor

The condensed explanation: classify companies doing similar things in similar ways together.

The North American Industry Classification System was first introduced in 1997. Every 5 years NAICS releases an update to reflect changes in the economies.

Background of the North American Industry Classification System

The history of NAICS begins with the SIC.

Before NAICS classification system, there was the Standard Industrial Classification System, or SIC. The SIC served as the structure to collect, present, and analyze the US economy.

An industry is a group of establishments that engage in similar:
  • Production or handling processes,
  • Or rendering the same service.

The Standard Industrial Classification System began in the 1930’s. Developed when manufacturing was the primary industry in the United States.

There were many revisions made to reflect the changing industries of the US.

Despite the revisions, the SIC system could no longer handle the rapid changes to the US economy.

Below are a few examples of industries that were not suitable under the SIC system:

  • Developments in information services
  • New forms of health care provisions
  • Expansion of services
  • High tech manufacturing
History and Implementation of the North American Industry Classification System

Established in 1997, NAICS replaced the Standard Industrial Classification System. Developed in cooperation with NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico.

Entities that use the Industry Classification

A primary function of NAICS is to classify businesses for statistical data. NAICS codes are also used for other functions, such as:

  • 1) Administrative,
  • 2) Contracting,
  • 3) And tax purposes.

The method of NAICS is production oriented, not product oriented. NAICS categorizes businesses according to similar methods of production.

Many states, cities, and other political subdivisions use NAICS for their own programs.

Federal and non-federal entities also use the NAICS for administrative and tax purposes.

NAICS Lookup Help

Need help finding the applicable NAICS code for your entity? Enter the “NAICS [Enter the keyword for your industry]” into the search box at the top of this page. For instance, electrical contractors could search “NAICS Electrical Contractor.” Search results include all applicable NAICS codes that contain the “Electrical Contractor” keyword.

This will help you narrow down the search to 2 or 3 possible codes. From there, read the description for each result and select the code that is most applicable.

The Standard Industrial Classification System (Or SIC) was:
  • Developed in the 1930’s
  • Emphasized manufacturing, not growing service and high-tech industries
  • Revisions to the SIC made little change to the original structure, later solved by NAICS
  • Last revision was in 1987
How does NAICS differ from SIC?
  • Based on the “production function” concept
  • Emphasized new and emerging industries, high-technology industries, and service industries
  • Provided for comparability with Canada and Mexico
  • Revised every 5 years: 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017, and so forth
What is the NAICS Structure?
  • 20 Sectors (21 counting unclassified)
  • 1,198 Industries (US) – which is 175 more than under the SIC System
  • 6-Digit numbering system
What are the NAICS Sectors?

NAICS Sectors Include:

  • 11: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
  • 21: Mining
  • 22: Utilities
  • 23: Construction
  • 31-33: Manufacturing
  • 42: Wholesale Trade
  • 44-45: Retail Trade
  • 48-49: Transportation and Warehousing
  • 51: Information
  • Finance and Insurance
  • 53: Real Estate, Rental & Leasing
  • 54: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • 55: Management of Companies and Enterprises
  • 56: Administrative & Support & Waste
  • 61: Educational Services
  • 62: Health Care & Social Assistance
  • 71: Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
  • 72: Accommodation & Food Services
  • 81: Other Services (Except public Administration)
  • 92: Public Administration
  • 99: Unclassified

Structure of the NAICS and SIC Classification Systems


  • 2-Digit Sector
  • 3-Digit Subsector
  • 4-Digit Industry Group
  • 5-Digit NAICS Industry
  • 6-Digit U.S. Industry


  • 2-Digit Major Group
  • 3-Digit Industry Group
  • 4-Digit Industry



As with SIC, the more narrow digits are more general, the codes with more digits are more specific. You can find your 6-digit code by starting with the 2-digit. Then, working your way through to the most applicable 6-digit code. For example, if you were a bed and breakfast, the progression of the breakdown would be as follows:

  • 72: Accommodation & Food Services
  • 721: Accommodation
  • 7211: Traveler Accommodation
  • 72119: Other Traveler Accommodation
  • 721191: Bed-and-Breakfast Inns
Number of codes in the NAICS System:
  • 6-Digit: 1,198
  • 5-Digit: 725
  • 4-Digit: 314
  • 3-Digit: 98
  • 2-Digit: 24
  • Supersector: 11

NAICS Code Tutorial

Watch the video series below to better understand the NAICS classification system.

(1/7) The Purpose of NAICS

(2/7) The Historical Background of NAICS

(3/7) The Development of NAICS

(4/7) The Conceptual Framework of NAICS

(5/7) The Structure of NAICS

(6/7) Defining the Establishment

(7/7) Determining the Industry Classification of the Establishment

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