Workers Compensation Code 3629

Workers Compensation Code 3629

Workers Compensation Classification Code 3629See the NCCI basic manual phraseologies for workers compensation code 3629 on the bulleted item(s) below.

If you have a classification question or believe you have been incorrectly classified, please see The Employer’s Workers Compensation Classification Guide.

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  • 3629 Additive Manufacturing NOC—No Assembly (National)
  • 3629 Arms Mfg.—Small (Texas)
  • 3629 Automated Machine Shop NOC (Florida)
  • 3629 Babbitt Bearing Mfg.—Industrial (Texas)
  • 3629 Ball or Roller Bearing Mfg. (Texas)
  • 3629 Firearms Mfg.—Small (Texas)
  • 3629 Gun or Rifle Mfg. (Texas)
  • 3629 Machined Parts Mfg. NOC (National)
  • 3629 Metal Forming—High-Energy Rate Method (Texas)
  • 3629 Precision Machined Parts Mfg. NOC (Texas)
  • 3629 Rifle or Gun Mfg. (Texas)
  • 3629 Roller or Ball Bearing Mfg. (Texas)NCCI Code 3629

These Classification Codes and Phraseology are NCCI Copyrighted materials, used with permission of NCCI © Copyright 1986-2018, National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. This is a representative list of NCCI Classification Codes and Phraseology which may be used for reference purposes only and may or may not be current. This list should not be relied on by any end users as current information, with current Classification Codes and Phraseology obtainable directly from NCCI. NCCI shall have no liability to any end user for the use or inability to use the Classification List and Phraseology provided on this website.

Rate for Work Comp Code 3629

Need the rate for workers compensation code 3629? NCCI provides rates and loss costs that are specific to each applicable NCCI code and state (Some states do not apply). You can obtain this information within NCCI’s Riskworkstation™  “Quick Rate” at no charge.

Simply follow these steps below.

    1. If you don’t have a User Id and password already, you will need to contact NCCI’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-622-4123.
    2. Request to be set up with access to the product called Riskworkstation™.
    3. Lookup NCCI rates by state with Quick Rate

Quick Rate is located within Riskworkstation™ which you can access from the Agents/Brokers page on When accessing Riskworkstation™ for the first time you will need to read the “Terms and Conditions of Use”, then click “Accept” at the bottom of the page.

  • The left sidebar will show a collapsible menu with a heading that says “Quick Rates”. Enter workers compensation code “3629” into the box that says “Enter class code separated by commas”. Below that box, there is a dropdown menu that says “Select a state”. Select the state in which you are looking for the rate, and then click the “Search” button.
  • For more information on how to use the product, access Riskworkstation™ Overview – Webinar on Demand.


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NCCI Scope of Coverage for 3629

For an authoritative scope of coverage for work comp code 3629, you will need to purchase access to the NCCI Scopes manual.

Workers Compensation Code 3629: Phraseology by state

Looking for the index phraseology for a code other than 3629? Use the interactive map below to select a state and view an index of the applicable codes and phraseology.

Excerpt from the CAOM Classification Manual:

Applies only to risks where the plans of specifications require that not less the 50% of all machining operations performed by the risk shall be held to final tolerances of .001” or smaller and for which no more specific code exists for the products being manufactured. Applies also to risks which meet the tolerance requirements while providing machining services only and doing no manufacturing.

Except as it applies specifically to the manufacture of aircraft engines, Code 3629 is a “NOC” (not otherwise classified) classification. It does not apply to the manufacturing of items for which a specific classification exists even though the tolerances held are within .001” or smaller range. For example, Code 3629 does not apply to risks who manufacture tools such as dies, jigs or fixtures because the manufacture of those items is assigned to Code 3116. Neither does it apply to risks who manufacture items such as gears, valves or hardware since the manufacturing of these items is assigned to their own specific classification. There are many other examples which could be sided, but these are sufficient to illustrate this concept.

Code 3629 applies to the operations involved in the manufacturing of machined parts which must conform to very close tolerances as evidenced by the specifications provided for their manufacture. The requirement that at least 50% of the work done must be required to conform to the specified dimensions within a tolerance limit of .001” or less has been adopted as a nationwide standard for this classification. Due to the close tolerances required, there will be considerable inspection and quality control operations. These are included in Code 3629 except for quality control operations which are conducted in a laboratory setting using scientific equipment which may be assigned to Code 4511.

Code 3629 includes shipping and receiving, storage of raw materials, machining operations, inspection, packaging, and repair or maintenance of machinery or equipment. Janitorial operations including maintenance or repair of the insured’s buildings are to be assigned to Code 9015.

Painting operations are assigned to Code 9501 and plating operations are assigned to Code 3372. Foundry operations are to be separately rated. Other operations may be assigned to other applicable classifications.

Workers Compensation Code 3629