NAICS Code 325998

NAICS 325998

NAICS Code 325998 – All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing

Definition of NAICS Code 325998: This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chemical products (except basic chemicals, resins, synthetic rubber; cellulosic and noncellulosic fiber and filaments; pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals; pharmaceuticals and medicines; paints, coatings and adhesives; soap, cleaning compounds, and toilet preparations; printing inks; explosives; custom compounding of purchased resins; and photographic films, papers, plates, and chemicals).

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Illustrative Examples of NAICS 325998

What are some examples of this code? The bulleted items below are illustrative examples of this classification.

  • Activated carbon and charcoal manufacturing
  • Antifreeze preparations manufacturing
  • Industrial salt manufacturing
  • Lighter fluids (e.g., charcoal, cigarette) manufacturing
  • Matches and matchbook manufacturing
  • Pyrotechnics (e.g., flares, flashlight bombs, signals) manufacturing
  • Sugar substitutes (i.e., synthetic sweeteners blended with other ingredients) made from purchased synthetic sweeteners manufacturing
  • Swimming pool chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Writing inks manufacturing

Cross Reference Guide for Code 325998

What codes are similar to this classification that might be a more applicable code? The cross-reference guide below displays the codes for other similar industries. Please review to find the most applicable classification.

  • Manufacturing basic chemicals–are classified in Industry Group 3251, Basic Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing resins, synthetic rubber, and artificial synthetic fibers and filaments–are classified in Industry Group 3252, Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals–are classified in Industry Group 3253, Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medicines including medicinal vegetable gelatin (i.e., agar-agar)–are classified in Industry Group 3254, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing paints, coatings, and adhesives–are classified in Industry Group 3255, Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing soaps and cleaning compounds–are classified in Industry Group 3256, Soap, Cleaning Compound, and Toilet Preparation Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing printing and inkjet inks–are classified in Industry NAICS 325910, Printing Ink Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing explosives–are classified in Industry NAICS 325920, Explosives Manufacturing;
  • Custom compounding purchased plastics resins–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 325991, Custom Compounding of Purchased Resins;
  • Manufacturing photographic films, papers, plates, and chemicals–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 325992, Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing dessert gelatin–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 311999, All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing.

Other Index Entries for NAICS 325998

The North American Industry Classification System contains multiple index entries that are each descriptive of the same code. The bulleted list below shows all applicable index entries (Current and former) that are associated with this classification. These index entries further elaborate on the scope of applicable industries that have already been defined at the top of this page.

  • Activated carbon or charcoal manufacturing
  • Additive preparations for gasoline (e.g., antiknock preparations, detergents, gum inhibitors) manufacturing
  • Aerosol can filling on a job order or contract basis
  • Aerosol packaging services
  • Anise oil manufacturing
  • Antifreeze preparations manufacturing
  • Antiscaling compounds manufacturing
  • Bay oil manufacturing
  • Brake fluid, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Caps for toy pistols manufacturing
  • Capsules, gelatin, empty, manufacturing
  • Carbon, activated, manufacturing
  • Carburetor cleaners manufacturing
  • Cat litter manufacturing
  • Cedar oil manufacturing
  • Charcoal, activated, manufacturing
  • Citronella oil manufacturing
  • Clove oil manufacturing
  • Concrete additive preparations (e.g., curing, hardening) manufacturing
  • Correction fluids (i.e., typewriter) manufacturing
  • Crankcase additive preparations manufacturing
  • Cutting oils, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Defoamers and antifoaming agents manufacturing
  • Degreasing preparations for machinery parts manufacturing
  • Deicing preparations manufacturing
  • Desalination kits manufacturing
  • Distilled water manufacturing
  • Drawing inks manufacturing
  • Drilling mud compounds, conditioners, and additives (except bentonites) manufacturing
  • Dye preparations, clothing, household-type, manufacturing
  • Embalming fluids manufacturing
  • Engine degreasers manufacturing
  • Engine starting fluids manufacturing
  • Essential oils manufacturing
  • Eucalyptus oil manufacturing
  • Fire extinguisher chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Fire retardant chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Fireworks manufacturing
  • Flares manufacturing
  • Fluxes (e.g., brazing, galvanizing, soldering, welding) manufacturing
  • Foundry core oil, wash, and wax manufacturing
  • Gelatin (except dessert preparations) manufacturing
  • Gelatin capsules, empty, manufacturing
  • Grapefruit oil manufacturing
  • Greases, synthetic lubricating, manufacturing
  • Hydraulic fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Incense manufacturing
  • Indelible inks manufacturing
  • India inks manufacturing
  • Industrial salt manufacturing
  • Inhibitors (e.g., corrosion, oxidation, polymerization) manufacturing
  • Inks, writing, manufacturing
  • Insulating oils manufacturing
  • Lemon oil manufacturing
  • Lighter fluids (e.g., charcoal, cigarette) manufacturing
  • Lime oil manufacturing
  • Lubricating oils and greases, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Matches and match books manufacturing
  • Motor oils, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Napalm manufacturing
  • Oil additive preparations manufacturing
  • Oils (e.g., cutting, lubricating), synthetic, manufacturing
  • Oils, lubricating, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Orange oil manufacturing
  • Orris oil manufacturing
  • Ossein manufacturing
  • Packer’s fluids manufacturing
  • Penetrating fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Peppermint oil manufacturing
  • Pyrotechnics (e.g., flares, flashlight bombs, signals) manufacturing
  • Radiator additive preparations manufacturing
  • Recycling services for degreasing solvents (e.g., engine, machinery) manufacturing
  • Retarders (e.g., flameproofing agents, mildewproofing agents) manufacturing
  • Rubber processing preparations (e.g., accelerators, stabilizers) manufacturing
  • Rust preventive preparations manufacturing
  • Salt (except table) manufacturing
  • Soil testing kits manufacturing
  • Spearmint oil manufacturing
  • Stamp pad ink manufacturing
  • Sugar substitutes (i.e., synthetic sweeteners blended with other ingredients) made from purchased synthetic sweeteners
  • Swimming pool chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Tint and dye preparations, household-type (except hair), manufacturing
  • Tire inflators, aerosol, manufacturing
  • Transmission fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Water, distilled, manufacturing
  • Wintergreen oil manufacturing
  • Writing inks manufacturing
Suggested Insurance Conversion Table for NAICS Code 325998

Looking for an insurance classification other than the North American Industry Classification System? If a company falls within the industry defined on this page, then the class codes mentioned below may be applicable. Please note that the bulleted cross-reference guide below is not authoritative. Users should have an insurance professional review to ensure proper insurance classification.

  • NCCI WC (Varies by state): 4279, 1438, 1463, 1472, 2111NAICS 325998
  • CA WC: 4279, 1438, 1463, 2111
  • DE WC: 0259, 0501, 551, 923
  • PA WC: 257, 501, 551, 923
  • MI WC: 4279, 1438, 1463, 2111
  • NJ WC: 4279, 1438, 1463, 2111
  • NY WC: 4279, 1438, 1463, 1470, 2111
  • WY WC: 325998
  • GL: 56690, 51853, 51833, 51005
  • SIC: 3999, 2899, 2819, 7389

Resources: Praxiom, AceGroupTDICalifornia Division of Workers Compensation, Delaware Workers Compensation Manual, Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Manual, Michigan Workers’ Compensation Placement Facility: Classification Definitions, New Jersey Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Manual, New York Workers Compensation and Employers Liability, North American Industry Classification System, Florida Underwriting Guide: Commercial General Liability Classifications,  Standard Industrial Classifications.

The suggested cross reference guide for NAICS code 325998 is based on our research using the resources cited above.

Correlating Code Breakdown for North American Industry Classification System

NAICS codes are broken down by digit. The broadest description starts with the 2 digit sector codes. The 3 digit subsector codes are more specific, then the 4 digit industry group, 5 digit industry, and the most specific is the 6 digit NAICS code (Where you are now). If the code on this page does not describe the industry of the business in question, then select the largest applicable code below. From there, follow through the progression of smaller digits to the larger digits in order to obtain the most specific 6 digit classification.

  • Sector 31-33: Manufacturing
  • Subsector 325: Chemical Manufacturing
  • Industry Group 3259: Other Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing
  • Industry 32599: All Other Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing
  • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 325991: Custom Compounding of Purchased Resins
  • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 325992: Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing
  • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 325998: All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing
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