NAICS 5 Digit Industry 71121

Industry 71121

NAICS 5  Digit Industry 71121 – Spectator Sports

Definition of NAICS 5 Digit Industry 71121: This industry comprises of the following:

  1. Sports teams or clubs primarily participating in live sporting events before a paying audience;
  2. Establishments primarily engaged in operating racetracks;
  3. Independent athletes engaged in participating in live sporting or racing events before a paying audience;
  4. Owners of racing participants, such as cars, dogs, and horses, primarily engaged in entering them in racing events or other spectator sports events; and
  5. Establishments, such as sports trainers, primarily engaged in providing specialized services to support participants in sports events or competitions.

The sports teams and clubs included in this industry may or may not operate their own arena, stadium, or other facility for presenting their games or other spectator sports events.

Cross-References for NAICS Code 71121

What codes are similar to this industry that might be more applicable? The cross-reference guide below displays the codes that are similar to industry 71121. Please review to find the most applicable classification.

  • Establishments primarily engaged in promoting sporting events without participating in sporting events are classified in Industry Group 7113, Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events;
  • Establishments, such as youth league baseball teams, primarily engaged in participating in sporting events for recreational purposes without playing before a paying audience are classified in Industry 71399, All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries;
  • Amateur, semiprofessional, or professional athletic associations or leagues are classified in Industry 81399, Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations);
  • Establishments primarily engaged in representing or managing the careers of sports figures are classified in Industry 71141, Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures;
  • Independent athletes engaged in providing sports instruction without participating in sporting events before a paying audience are classified in Industry 61162, Sports and Recreation Instruction;
  • Independent athletes exclusively engaged in endorsing products or making speeches are classified in Industry 71151, Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers; and
  • Establishments primarily engaged in raising horses, mules, donkeys, and other equines are classified in Industry 11292, Horses and Other Equine Production.

Other Index Entries for NAICS 5-Digit Industry 71121

The North American Industry Classification System contains multiple index entries that are each descriptive of the same code. The bulleted list below shows all applicable index entries (Current and former) that are associated with industry 71121. These index entries further elaborate on the scope of applicable industries that have already been defined at the top of this page.

  • Athletes, amateur, independent
  • Athletes, independent (i.e., participating in live sports events)
  • Automobile racetracks
  • Automobile racing teams
  • Baseball clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Baseball teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Basketball clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Basketball teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Boxers, independent professional
  • Boxing clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Dog owners, race (i.e., racing dogs)
  • Dog racetracks
  • Dog racing kennels
  • Drag strips
  • Drivers, harness or race car
  • Figure skaters, independent
  • Football clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Football teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Golfers, independent professional (i.e., participating in sports events)
  • Greyhound dog racetracks
  • Harness drivers
  • Harness racetracks
  • Hockey clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Hockey teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Horse racetracks
  • Horse racing stables
  • Ice hockey clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Jai alai teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Jockeys, horse racing
  • Kennels, dog racing
  • Major league baseball clubs
  • Minor league baseball clubs
  • Motorcycle racetracks
  • Motorcycle racing teams
  • Professional athletes, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
  • Professional baseball clubs
  • Professional football clubs
  • Professional sports clubs
  • Race car drivers
  • Race car owners (i.e., racing cars)
  • Race dog owners (i.e., racing dogs)
  • Racehorse owners (i.e., racing horses)
  • Racehorse trainers
  • Racehorse training
  • Racetracks (e.g., automobile, dog, horse)
  • Racing stables, horse
  • Racing teams (e.g., automobile, motorcycle, snowmobile)
  • Referees and umpires
  • Roller hockey clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Semiprofessional baseball clubs
  • Semiprofessional football clubs
  • Semiprofessional sports clubs
  • Skiers, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
  • Snowmobile racetracks
  • Snowmobile racing teams
  • Soccer clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Soccer teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Speedways
  • Sports clubs, professional or semiprofessional
  • Sports professionals, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
  • Sports teams, professional or semiprofessional
  • Sports trainers, independent
  • Stables, horse racing
  • Stock car racetracks
  • Stock car racing teams
  • Tennis professionals, independent (i.e., participating in sports events)
  • Thoroughbred racetracks
  • Training race dogs
  • Training racehorses
  • Wrestlers, independent professional

Industry Breakdown for North American Industry Classification System

NAICS codes are broken down by digit. The broadest description starts with the 2 digit sector codes. The 3 digit subsector codes are more specific, then the 4 digit industry group, 5 digit industry (Where you are now), and the most specific is the 6 digit NAICS code. If the code on this page does not describe the industry of the business in question, then select the largest applicable code below. From there, follow through the progression of smaller digits to the larger digits in order to obtain the most specific 6 digit classification.

  • Sector 71: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
    • Subsector 711: Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries
      • Industry Group 7112: Spectator Sports
        • Industry 71121: Spectator Sports (Current Page)
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 711211: Sports Teams and Clubs
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 711212: Racetracks
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 711219: Other Spectator Sports

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