NAICS 5 Digit Industry 33251

Industry 33251

NAICS 5  Digit Industry 33251 – Hardware Manufacturing

Definition of NAICS 5 Digit Industry 33251: See industry description for NAICS 332510 below.

Industry Description of NAICS Code 332510: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal hardware, such as metal hinges, metal handles, keys, and locks (except coin-operated, time locks).

Cross-References for Industry 33251.

What codes are similar to this industry that might be more applicable? The cross-reference guide below displays the codes that are similar to industry 33251. Please review to find the most applicable classification.

  • Manufacturing bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers, hose clamps, and turn-buckles–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 332722, Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing nails and spikes from wire drawn elsewhere–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 332618, Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing metal furniture parts (except hardware)–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 337215, Showcase, Partition, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing;
  • Drawing wire and manufacturing nails and spikes–are classified in Subsector 331, Primary Metal Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pole line and transmission hardware–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 335932, Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coin-operated locking mechanisms–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 333318, Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing time locks–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 334519, Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing fireplace fixtures and equipment, traps, handcuffs and leg irons, ladder jacks, and other like metal products–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 332999, All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing fire hose nozzles and couplings–are classified in U.S. Industry NAICS 332919, Other Metal Valve and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing luggage and utility racks–are classified in Industry NAICS 336390, Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing.

Other Index Entries for NAICS 5-Digit Industry 33251

The North American Industry Classification System contains multiple index entries that are each descriptive of the same code. The bulleted list below shows all applicable index entries (Current and former) that are associated with industry 33251. These index entries further elaborate on the scope of applicable industries that have already been defined at the top of this page.

  • Aircraft hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Appliance hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Automobile hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Brackets (i.e., builder’s hardware-type), metal, manufacturing
  • Builder’s hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Cabinet hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Casket hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Casters, furniture, metal manufacturing
  • Casters, industrial, metal, manufacturing
  • Dead bolts, metal, manufacturing
  • Door locks, metal, manufacturing
  • Door opening and closing devices (except electrical), metal, manufacturing
  • Furniture hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Gun trigger locks, metal, manufacturing
  • Hinges, metal, manufacturing
  • Key blanks, metal, manufacturing
  • Locks (except coin-operated, time locks), metal, manufacturing
  • Luggage hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Marine hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Padlocks, metal, manufacturing
  • Piano hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Suitcase hardware, metal, manufacturing

Industry Breakdown for North American Industry Classification System

NAICS codes are broken down by digit. The broadest description starts with the 2 digit sector codes. The 3 digit subsector codes are more specific, then the 4 digit industry group, 5 digit industry (Where you are now), and the most specific is the 6 digit NAICS code. If the code on this page does not describe the industry of the business in question, then select the largest applicable code below. From there, follow through the progression of smaller digits to the larger digits in order to obtain the most specific 6 digit classification.

  • Sector 31-33: Manufacturing
    • Subsector 332: Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
      • Industry Group 3325: Hardware Manufacturing
        • Industry 33251: Hardware Manufacturing (Current Page)
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 332510: Hardware Manufacturing

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