Industry 31161

NAICS 5  Digit Industry 31161 – Animal Slaughtering and Processing

Definition of NAICS 5 Digit Industry 31161: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following:

  1. Slaughtering animals;
  2. Preparing processed meats and meat byproducts; and
  3. Rendering and/or refining animal fat, bones, and meat scraps.

This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in assembly cutting and packing of meats (i.e., boxed meats) from purchased carcasses.

Cross-References for NAICS Code 31161

This classification is for establishments primarily engaged in the following:

  • Manufacturing canned meat for baby food–are classified in Industry 31142, Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling, and Drying;
  • Manufacturing meat-based animal feeds from carcasses–are classified in Industry 31111, Animal Food Manufacturing;
  • Blending purchased animal fats with vegetable fats–are classified in Industry 31122, Starch and Vegetable Fats and Oils Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing canned and frozen specialty foods containing meat, such as nationality foods (e.g., enchiladas, pizza, egg rolls) and frozen dinners–are classified in Industry Group 3114, Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing;
  • Drying, freezing, or breaking eggs–are classified in Industry 31199, All Other Food Manufacturing; and
  • Cutting meat (except boxed meat)–are classified in Industry 42447, Meat and Meat Product Merchant Wholesalers.

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