NAICS 5 Digit Industry 11211

Industry 11211

NAICS 5  Digit Industry 11211 – Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming, including Feedlots

Definition of NAICS 5 Digit Industry 11211: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising cattle (including cattle for dairy herd replacements), or feeding cattle for fattening.

Cross-References for NAICS Industry 11211

What codes are similar to this industry that might be more applicable? The cross-reference guide below displays the codes that are similar to industry 11211. Please review to find the most applicable classification.

  • Milking dairy cattle–are classified in Industry 11212, Dairy Cattle and Milk Production; and
  • Operating stockyards for transportation and not buying, selling, or auctioning livestock–are classified in Industry 48899, Other Support Activities for Transportation.

Other Index Entries for NAICS 5-Digit Industry 11211

The North American Industry Classification System contains multiple index entries that are each descriptive of the same code. The bulleted list below shows all applicable index entries (Current and former) that are associated with industry 11211. These index entries further elaborate on the scope of applicable industries that have already been defined at the top of this page.

  • Backgrounding, cattle
  • Beef cattle feedlots (except stockyards for transportation)
  • Beef cattle ranching or farming
  • Calf (e.g., feeder, stocker, veal) production
  • Cattle conditioning operations
  • Cattle farming or ranching
  • Cattle feedlots (except stockyards for transportation)
  • Dairy heifer replacement production
  • Fattening cattle
  • Feed yards (except stockyards for transportation), cattle
  • Feeder calf production
  • Feedlots (except stockyards for transportation), cattle
  • Stocker calf production
  • Veal calf production

Industry Breakdown for North American Industry Classification System

NAICS codes are broken down by digit. The broadest description starts with the 2 digit sector codes. The 3 digit subsector codes are more specific, then the 4 digit industry group, 5 digit industry (Where you are now), and the most specific is the 6 digit NAICS code. If the code on this page does not describe the industry of the business in question, then select the largest applicable code below. From there, follow through the progression of smaller digits to the larger digits in order to obtain the most specific 6 digit classification.

  • Sector 11: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
    • Subsector 112: Animal Production and Aquaculture
      • Industry Group 1121: Cattle Ranching and Farming
        • Industry 11211: Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming, including Feedlots (Current page)
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 112111: Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 112112: Cattle Feedlots

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