NAICS 3 Digit Subsector Code 517

Subsector 517

NAICS Subsector Code 517 – Telecommunications

Definition of NAICS 3 Digit Subsector Code 517: Industries in the Telecommunications subsector group establishments that provide telecommunications and the services related to that activity (e.g., telephony, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP); cable and satellite television distribution services; Internet access; telecommunications reselling services). The Telecommunications subsector is primarily engaged in operating, and/or providing access to facilities for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound, and video. Transmission facilities may be based on a single technology or a combination of technologies. Establishments in the Telecommunications subsector are grouped into four industry groups. The first three are comprised of establishments that operate transmission facilities and infrastructure that they own and/or lease, and provide telecommunications services using those facilities. The distinction among the first three industry groups is the type of infrastructure operated (i.e., wired, wireless, or satellite). The fourth industry group is comprised of establishments that provide support activities, telecommunications reselling services, or many of the same services provided by establishments in the first three industry groups, but do not operate as telecommunications carriers. Establishments primarily engaged as independent contractors in the installation and maintenance of broadcasting and telecommunications systems are classified in Sector 23, Construction. Establishments known as Internet cafes, primarily engaged in offering limited Internet connectivity in combination with other services such as facsimile services, training, rental of on-site personal computers, game rooms, or food services are classified in Subsector 561, Administrative and Support Services, or Subsector 722, Food Services and Drinking Places, depending on the primary activity.

Three Digit Subsector Breakdown for the North American Industry Classification System

NAICS codes are broken down by digit. The broadest description starts with the 2 digit sector codes. The 3 digit subsector codes are more specific, then the 4 digit industry group, 5 digit industry, and the most specific is the 6 digit NAICS code. If NAICS Subsector 517 does not describe the industry of the business in question, then select the largest applicable code below. From there, follow the progression of smaller digits to the larger digits in order to obtain the most specific 6 digit classification.

  • Sector 51: Information
    • Subsector 517: Telecommunications
      • Industry Group 5171: Wired Telecommunications Carriers
        • Industry 51711: Wired Telecommunications Carriers
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 517110: Wired Telecommunications Carriers
      • Industry Group 5172: Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
        • Industry 51721: Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 517210: Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
      • Industry Group 5174: Satellite Telecommunications
        • Industry 51741: Satellite Telecommunications
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 517410: Satellite Telecommunications
      • Industry Group 5179: Other Telecommunications
        • Industry 51791: Other Telecommunications
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 517911: Telecommunications Resellers
          • 6 Digit Code(s) NAICS 517919: All Other Telecommunications

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NAICS 3 Digit Subsector Code 517