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Need to find Delaware workers compensation class codes? Delaware is under the state jurisdiction of the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau, and uses the Delaware Statistical Plan Manual. See the applicable list below. For current and authoritative Delaware workers compensation codes, you will need to sign up to NCCI’s Riskworkstation.

If you have a classification question or believe you have been incorrectly classified, please see The Employer’s Workers Compensation Classification Guide.

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List of Delaware Workers’ Compensation Class Codes

This page contains an exhaustive Delaware workers compensation code list, utilizing paginated tabs. Tab 0 contains the (Four digit) DE workers compensation codes that begin with “0,” Tab 1 contains DE workers compensation codes that begin with “1,” tab 2 contains DE workers compensation codes that begin with “2,” and so forth. On mobile devices, tabs are shown on the bottom of the page.

0006 Farm–Vegetable & Drivers
0006 Farm–Gardening–Market or Truck–& Drivers
0006 Farm–Field Crops & Drivers
0006 Farm–NOC & Drivers
0008 Farm–Florist & Drivers
0011 Farm–Florist & Drivers
0013 Farm–Nursery Employees & Drivers
0013 Farm–Tree Planting–Reforestation & Drivers
0013 Christmas Tree–Harvesting Exclusively & Drivers
0016 Farm–Orchard or Grove & Drivers
0016 Turpentine Farm & Drivers
0016 Farm–Berry or Vineyard & Drivers
0016 Fruit Packing
0034 Farm–Apiary & Drivers
0034 Farm–Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers
0034 Farm–Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers
0034 Farm–Fish Hatchery & Drivers
0034 Farm–Animal Raising & Drivers
0036 Farm–Dairy & Drivers
005 Tree Pruning and Removal–All Operations & Drivers–Natural Catastrophe
005 Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing–All Operations & Drivers
005 Tree Pruning, Trimming or Spraying–All Operations & Drivers for Existing Right-of-Way–Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar or Fire Alarm Lines
007 Farm Machinery Operation–By Contractor & Drivers
007 Hay Baling & Drivers
0083 Farm–Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers
0083 Artificial Insemination of Cattle–All Other Employees & Drivers
0083 Farm–Goat or Sheep Raising & Drivers
0083 Farm–Sheep or Goat Raising & Drivers
009 Dam or Lock Construction–Timber Cutting and Removal & Drivers
009 Logging or Tree Removal–Nonmechanized Operations
009 Tree Removal–for New Right-of-Way–Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar or Fire Alarm Lines
012 Landscape Gardening & Drivers
012 Brush or Weed Control by Contractor–Chemical & Drivers
012 Lawn Maintenance–Commercial or Domestic & Drivers
015 Logging or Tree Removal–Mechanized Equipment Operators
028 Gas or Oil Lease Operator–Natural Gas–All Operations & Drivers
028 Oil or Gas Lease Operator–All Operations & Drivers
028 Oil or Gas Lease Work NOC–Natural Gas–By Specialist Contractor & Drivers
028 Oil or Gas Lease Work NOC–By Specialist Contractor & Drivers
055 Mining NOC–Not Coal–Surface & Drivers
055 Quarry NOC & Drivers
055 Roofing–Slate Mfg. or Slate Splitting & Drivers
055 Slag Digging and Crushing & Drivers
055 Lime Mfg.
055 Quarry–Cement Rock–Surface–& Drivers
055 Lime Mfg.–Quarry–Surface–& Drivers
055 Clay Milling & Drivers
055 Clay or Shale Digging & Drivers
055 Sand or Gravel Digging & Drivers
059 Ore Milling & Drivers
059 Stone Crushing & Drivers
059 Flint or Spar Grinding & Drivers
059 Silica Grinding & Drivers
059 Emery Works & Drivers
059 Talc Mill & Drivers
059 Mica Goods Mfg. and Mica Preparing
0908 Domestic Workers–Residences–Part-Time
0909 Domestic Workers–Residences–Part-Time
0912 Domestic Workers–Residences–Full-Time
0913 Domestic Workers–Residences–Full-Time


Top 10 Delaware Workers Compensation Companies By Premiums Written

Need a Delaware workers compensation quote? Below is a list of the top 10 workers compensation insurance providers in the state of Delaware by premiums written.

Company Name Premiums Written Premiums Earned Loss Ratio Loss & Cost Containment Ratio Market Share Cumulative Market Share
LIBERTY MUT GRP 16,404 20,580 113.49% 123.23% 8.75% 8.75%
HARTFORD FIRE & CAS GRP 16,404 16,114 73.64% 81.44% 8.75% 17.49%
TRAVELERS GRP 16,161 15,851 59.79% 72.45% 8.62% 26.11%
ZURICH INS GRP 14,665 15,235 23.10% 27.55% 7.82% 33.93%
AMERICAN INTL GRP 12,866 12,569 133.59% 147.91% 6.86% 40.79%
DONEGAL GRP 10,521 9,713 60.38% 67.34% 5.61% 46.40%
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY GRP 8,850 8,722 36.64% 43.19% 4.72% 51.12%
AMTRUST NGH GRP 8,384 7,468 41.90% 50.20% 4.47% 55.59%
PROASSURANCE CORP GRP 7,363 6,725 46.36% 53.34% 3.93% 59.52%
ACE LTD GRP 5,369 4,310 48.29% 56.97% 2.86% 62.38%
**STATE TOTAL** 187,541 183,539 67.60% 74.52% 100.00% 100.00%

Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Delaware Premium Rate Ranking

The state of Delaware has the 6th highest workers’ compensation premiums rates, according to the Oregon premium rate ranking study. They have moved up three positions from their previous rate ranking, which was 9th. Workers’ compensation premiums in Delaware cost 126% of the national median.

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Rates by Class Code

The estimated Delaware workers’ compensation rates by class code below are part of the Oregon workers’ compensation premium rate ranking study. You can view their study by clicking on the images below.

Delaware Workers Compensation Rates: 0005 0016 0037

Delaware Workers Compensation Rates: 0005 0016 0037


Delaware workers compensation class codes